A Pet Lover

Yes, I know the picture quality is awful but that’s because this photo was taken of me in 2002. I was on my grandfathers farm near Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico and trying to see if I could get the kitty to let me love it.

I’ve loved animals since I can remember. I loved them all. I had bunnies, chicks, hermit crabs, and my parents had finally gotten me a dog who I named Chubby. The weird thing is that I was actually born with pretty bad asthma and I just happened to be allergic to cats. I went to the hospital once because I was playing with the cats at my moms friends house (even though my mom had told me a million times to leave them alone – I just couldn’t) and had a severe asthma attack. I didn’t care. I’m still allergic but no longer have asthma so I just deal with the itchiness after playing with kitties because I love them too much.

A few years later we moved houses and I adopted a puppy from the Humane Society and named her Sugar.


After working at two jobs I didn’t really enjoy, I decided to focus on getting a job that I actually enjoyed. I had always loved animals so I tried to find a job in the pet industry and ended up working at a pet boarding/daycare facility. I worked there for two years but still didn’t feel fulfilled so I became a Veterinary Technician at at animal hospital. In that hospital there was a lot of problems that the professionals were making and I wasn’t comfortable so I quit my job that morning and got hired at another animal hospital that is one of the best in South Florida the same day.

A month later I quit and decided to try to start a pet sitting business. I had enough knowledge from the previous 3 years in the industry so I wanted to give that a shot and i’ve been doing it since last year. I have had a few temporary employees but right now it’s just me!

Overall, I hope that I can educate myself and others on how we can better take care of our pet babies.


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